Locker Door Units


Designed to look as impressive as the way they operate, these complete door and frame assembly comes with slam latch.


  • Late fit item – structure can be completely faired & painted prior to installation of locker door unit.
  • Door unit is mounted flush (to surrounding vertical face) yet door opens 180┬░.
  • Peripheral IP67 lip seal in frame means flat clean inside face of door when fully open (press in lip seal for replacement or maintenance).
  • Up to 20mm of concave/convex to suit can be formed in door face (curved bulwarks).
  • Double doors version available (1/4 turn latching).
  • Size and shape to suit application.
  • Available with aluminium or light weight composite door.
  • Slam latch available as locking or non-locking is only visible from door outside.
  • Typically installed as locker door in exterior bulwarks, superstructure and exterior furniture.
  • Delivered as painted finished unit to glue in place.
  • Reveal (gap round door when closed) to suit at installation – between 5mm and 8mm.
  • Hinge concealed (hidden) when door is closed, only latch is visible for opening the door.


These hinges fit into a prepared aperture and are glued in place. The whole unit is set (closed) with the door flush to its surrounding face and jack screwed & glued (plexus MA832) insitu’.

After glue has set hard (1 hour) a finishing fillet bead of sikaflex is applied between the faired aperture and frame.