FabTek Product Configuration Sample



The FabTek product Configurator window has 4 main controls

  1. Parameters – Use these values to define the configuration/shape required.
  2. Outputs – These options can be edited to offer anything from no-output, to a wide range of 2D and 3D formats (PDF, DWG etc).
  3. Request Quote – Emails the website administrator with contact details of quote requester. (See notes below)
  4. Immediate Update – Uncheck this to allow quick parameter editing.  Press “Update” when ready to allow model to regenerate.
Configurator Layout

Configurator Layout


Request Quote

When a visitor presses “Request Quote”, a snapshot of the current configuration is stored against the quote number.  This allows multiple quotes to be generated without fear of losing models generated by previous visitors.  The snapshot gives site owner the ability to open the model “as it was” when the visitor requested the quote.



Some careful thought will need to go into how customers measure openings as measuring from an invisible datum like this may prove difficult!
When viewer from the “Front” view, the dimensions in the Configurator are as follows:


Live demo

You can test the Configurator here.  Requesting a quote will generate an email which I will manually forward to the email address of the quote requester.  (The quote email is generated and sent automatically, but forwarding it is manual, so please allow for my human slowness!)

Navigation Controls

leftMouse  wheelMouse  rightMouse

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