Our reputation literally hangs on our hinges.

Specialising in super yacht design and consultancy services, we also offer a range of (patented) multi-pivot hinges.
If you demand the best hinge designs, then you have come to the right place.

Many of our hinge designs are bespoke and you can read the stories on these pages, but many have become standard items and can be purchassed directly from us. Our hinges have found a variety of uses:

  • New architectural applications!
  • New build or refit installations
  • Designs for heavier door/hatches
  • With or without concealed power assistance
  • Available in a variety of materials and finishes
  • Minimal opening impedance whilst open
  • Hidden when closed
  • Bespoke designs to suit boat geometry
  • Lubricant free bearings
  • Wide variety of other hinge designs

With a unique ability to design and build bespoke hinges with (or without) power assistance, take a look through our pages and contact us for further information.

Some customers have requested access to our old website so they can see the animations of our early hinge designs.